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Room or Equipment Mailboxes

Room or Equipment Mailboxes


"Resource accounts" are mail accounts that are assigned to a specific person. This includes room- or equipment mailboxes.

Each resource account must be assigned a mailbox that has full access rights. Full access to the resource account allows the registered owner to manage the mailbox, e.g. to create appointments, to delete them, or to assign permissions to the mailbox.

Accordingly, such a mailbox cannot be accessed directly by logging into the RWTH Mail App (OWA), but only via the user mailbox to which it is assigned.

In the mailAdm, administrators additionally have the option to configure the "Send as" option. If this option is selected, the registered mailbox has the possibility to send mails with the sender address of the resource mailbox.

In addition to this option, the owner of the mailbox (with full access) has the option to configure proxy rights in OWA. In this case, mails are sent "on behalf of". I.e. the recipient of the mail has the possibility to determine who actually sent the mail."


last changed on 04/23/2024

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