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General information about ressource accounts

General information about ressource accounts


Resource accounts are mail accounts, that are associated to a specific person. These can be functional-, room- or equipment post office boxes.

Every resourceaccount has to be assigned to a post office boy with full access rights. The full access on the resource account allows the owner to manage said post office box, e.g. in order to create or delete meetings, or in order to assign authorization.

With the Mailadm, you also have the ability to configurate the option "send as". With this option, you can send mails with the sender address of the resource account. However, this option can be only used when the functional account has been chosen. The free functions for the user can be set on "delegate access". You can find more information here.

Another option is to configurate deputy rights in OWA. With this, you can send mails with "order of". With this option, the receiver has the possibility to see the true initiator of the mail.


last changed on 29.01.2021

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