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Delegating access in Outlook 365

Delegating access in Outlook 365


Please note

To delegate access for a functional e-mail inbox via Outlook, you need to add the functional account to Outlook or set up a separate Outlook profile for it.

Click on “Delegate Access” in the account settings.

Delegation 1

Select “Add…” to search for the person from your address register to whom you want to delegate the access. Apply your settings by pressing “OK”.

Delegation 2

Another window opens. Here you can choose which permissions you want your delegate to have.

  • (1) Here you can choose the authorization level.
  • (2) Your delegate receives an e-mail with a summary of their permissions.
  • (3) Checking this field enables your delegate to access your private data.

Delegation 3

If your delegate answers one of your e-mails, the address bar will read "on behalf of".

Delegation 4

last changed on 04/16/2024

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