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Changing a Certificate Display Name

Changing a Certificate Display Name


GÉANT/TCS certificates for functional e-mail addresses are issued without a CN (Common Name). This makes it difficult to configure the certificate via the Outlook Trust Center if you use several (functional) e-mail addresses, as it is impossible to identify a corresponding certificate for a functional e-mail address.

To solve the problem, you can change the display name of the certificate.


Changing a display name of a certificate

  1. Go to "Manage user certificates" (e.g. via Windows search).
  2. Under My certificates → Certificates, select the certificate you are looking for and double-click to open it.
  3. Go to the"General" tab → "Edit properties" and set the display name as required.
  4. Confirm with "OK".

Selecting the correct certificate in Outlook

In the Outlook Trust Center (File → Options → Trust Center), go to "Trust Center settings" and choose "E-mail security" → Settings. Then, "Select" the desired certificate for the e-mail address..

The certificates are displayed with the following attributes

  • Display name (if set) or common name (if available)
  • Issuer
  • Validity

last changed on 12/28/2023

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