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[only relevant for IT admins] Edit Email Account My Email Domains RA Portal

[only relevant for IT admins] Edit Email Account My Email Domains RA Portal


E-mail accounts that are imported into the RA portal can also be edited individually in the portal. These changes only have an effect within the RA Portal.

All action buttons are located in the left column.

Click the Edit button to edit a row

Account bearbeiten


E-Mail-Account bearbeiten

Display name

  •     For personal mailboxes, enter a name for the user of the mailbox that makes sense to you, "Last name, First name" is a good choice. For functional mailboxes, the display name corresponds to the common name in the certificate and must be approved by the registration authority before challenge emails can be triggered.

Email requester for functional account

  •     This field is only displayed if you specify that this is a functional mailbox. Email requester is the person who is allowed to request the certificate for the functional mailbox. This person receives the challenge email and not the sender email address. Once this person follows the URL in the challenge email, the user ID is associated with the functional email address in the RA portal.

Sender email

  •     This address is copied in the certificate's subject and should correspond to the mailbox's sender email address.


  •     Aliases are to be included only if mail is also sent from these e-mail addresses. In addition to the sender e-mail, all aliases receive "challenges" that must be confirmed. Without these confirmations, no certificate can be requested for the mailbox.


  •     Here you can enter free text. The table can also be sorted by the "Comment" column. For example, you could enter the expiration date of the DFN-PKI certificate here to trigger challenge e-mails one by one. Changing the aliases, for all, or the display name, for functional mailboxes, invalidates previously triggered challenge emails.

last changed on 10/17/2023

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