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Signing documents electronically using LibreOffice on Linux

Signing documents electronically using LibreOffice on Linux


1. Signing on Linux requires a certificate manager like "kleopatra", "seahorse", "gpa" or "kgpg".

LibreEn 1

2. Open LibreOffice (e.g. "Writer" for text document):

LibreEn 2

3. Create a document (do not forget to save before going on with signing):

LibreEn 3

4. Go to signing menu:

LibreEn 4

LibreEn 5

5. Now the window where you can choose the certificate/keypair opens.

  • The windows in the background can be closed using <Esc>.

LibreEn 6

6. The certificates are show for which valid information are stored in "kleopatra" (e.g. private key):

LibreEn 7

7. Select the required certificate/keypair and add a short description if wanted/needed:

LibreEn 8

8. And sign the document as final step:

LibreEn 9

9. "Close" this last window at the end:

LibreEn 10

10. The document shall now show a valid signature:

LibreEn 11

11. Close the document.

  • Do not save the file again as the signature will be lost if doing so.

last changed on 10/16/2023

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