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Identity verification RA-Portal

Identity verification RA-Portal


In the RA-Portal, an identity check before applying for a user certificate is only necessary for persons who have neither employee nor student status at the RWTH Aachen University.


Create ID verification code in the RA-Portal.

If an identity check is required, you are notified thereof once you have clicked on "Client-Zertifikat beantragen" under the menu item "Meine Client-Zertifikate" in the RA-Portal.

For the ID verification, it is mandatory that you have generated an ID verification code in the RA-Portal beforehand.

To do so, agree to the data processing and click on."Identitätsprüfung starten" to continue.

Identitätsprüfung notwendig

Please make a note (or screenshot) of the generated ID verification code and keep it safe. Without this code, the ID check cannot take place. The IT-ServiceDesk staff cannot look up the code for you.

Code für die Identitätsprüfung

ID verification at the IT-ServiceDesk

Please be sure to bring the following documents with to your ID verification at the  IT-ServiceDesk:

  • your ID verification code that you have generated in the RA-Portal
  • a valid identification document (passport, identity card or German residence permit)
    • Attention. Driving license cannot be used as an identification document

The IT-ServiceDesk staff will verify your ID document and log your full name into the RA-Portal. Future user certificates will be issued for this name.

Request user certificate

After the identity verification, you can apply for your client certificate in the RA-Portal by clicking on "Client-Zertifikat beantragen".

Zertifikat beantragen


last changed on 10/26/2023

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