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Sign PDF documents electronically

Sign PDF documents electronically


A valid user certificate is needed.

Sign PDF documents electronically

  1. exitract certificate and key from e-mail program if need, no .p12 backup file exists

    (here $YOUR.P12, remeber the given/needed password)

  2. chmod 400 $YOUR.P12
  3. download JSignPDF sources



    Sources git clone


  4. copy and extract the archive in $HOME
    (to be safe feel free to check via VirusTotal
  5. start the Java programm

    java -jar JSignPdf.jar

  6. now a Java GUI in known look and feel opens, the following settings have to be done: Schlüsselbundtyp: PKCS12 (erweitere Ansicht ja)
    • (public/private) keys file: $YOUR.P12
    • password of the keys file (see section 01.)
    • key alias: hier "Schlüssel Laden"
    • passowrd of keys file (see section 01.)
    • choose PDF file: /path/to/file.pdf
    • shall the PDF file be encrypted: Not encrypted
    • where to store the signed PDF file: /path/to/file_signed.pdf
    • attach signature: no
    • reason of signing: e.g. signing is important
    • location: Aachen (e.g)
    • contact: surname
      • TSA URL:
      • TSA Authentication: "Without authentication"
      • OCSP Aktivieren:
        default OCSP Server URL
    • certification/security level: no change allowed (but more options available)
    • Hash algorithm: SHA256
    • make signature viewable: yes (other option is no, using the settings menu, the position - where the signature shall be placed - can be set)
  7. if everything is ok - setop forward to "sogning"
  8. As soon as all files are signed, remove the $YOUR.P12 ore move to a secure place
  9. The signature check can be done using
    • with Linux and libreoffice
    • with Windows/Linux/... and Acrobat Reader

last changed on 05/08/2023

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