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Certificate Chain of the DFN-PKI

Certificate Chain of the DFN-PKI


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In a Public Key Infrastructure, a root certificate identifies a root certificate authority (CA). Root certificates are self-signed and implicitly trustworthy. All subordinate certificates inherit the trustworthiness of the root certificate, thus creating a trustworthy certificate chain. The root certificate of the DFN-PKI chain is preinstalled in most common browsers and e-mail applications.


The Root Certificate (issued by T-TeleSec ) of the DFN-PKI certificate chain is build-into most common browsers and e-mail programs.

The certificate chain of the DFN-PKI is shown in short below:

CN=T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2

Serial Number 01, valid till 02.10.2033 


SHA-256 91:E2:F5:78:8D:58:10:EB:A7:BA:58:73:7D:E1:54:8A:8E:CA:CD:01:45:98:BC:0B:14:3E:04:1B:17:05:25:52

SHA-1 59:0D:2D:7D:88:4F:40:2E:61:7E:A5:62:32:17:65:CF:17:D8:94:E9

CN=DFN-Verein Certification Authority 2

Serial Number 00:E3:0B:D5:F8:AF:25:D9:81, valid till 23.02.2031


SHA-256 F6:60:B0:C2:56:48:1C:B2:BF:C6:76:61:C1:EA:8F:EE:E3:95:B7:14:1B:CA:C3:6C:36:E0:4D:08:CD:9E:15:82

SHA-1 E2:24:BE:F6:D7:86:22:0D:26:2B:B8:07:AB:6D:AC:F9:D3:A8:9A:93

CN=DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA

Serial Number 1B:63:BA:D0:1E:2C:3D, valid till 23.02.2031


SHA-256 12:57:AA:C2:F4:EE:AC:6C:A4:94:2C:2C:83:F0:B6:7B:41:A3:B4:71:20:C4:D5:34:29:92:95:13:AC:AD:46:8C

SHA-1 C9:DC:B0:47:AC:8C:5F:09:05:ED:77:52:8C:BD:4B:84:D9:46:3C:45


Download certificates in the DFN-PKI chain


Please only use these certificates (T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2) of the DFN-PKI for your eduroam configuration - applies to following realms 


See also add or remove certificates in Android 8.0 or newer.

Certificates DFN-PKI-G2

CER-format (Base-64-encoding)



T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2

rootcert.crt (Android,MacOS, Windows)


rootcert.pem (Linux)

DFN-Verein Certification Authority 2

intermediatecacert.crt (Android, Windows)

intermediatecacert.der (Windows)

intermediatecacert.pem (Linux)

DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA

cacert.crt (Android, Windows)

cacert.der (Windows)

cacert.pem (Linux)


Certificate Chain DFN-PKI

Here ist the DFN-PKI certificate chain as a single file in PEM-format.

The certificate chain can be saved under any chosen name as a file with extension ".pem", under the path "/etc/ssl/certs/" and can be integrated afterwards.




DO NOT use these certificates for setting up eduroam, but use the certificates of the new DFN-PKI-G2 (see above).

Certificates in DFN-PKI-G1CER-format (Base-64-encoding)DER-formatPEM-format
Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2rootcert.cer (Android, Windows)Root cacert.der (Windows)Root cacert.pem (Linux)
DFN-Verein PCA Global - G01dfncacert.cer (Android, Windows)DFN cacert.der (Windows)DFN cacert.pem (Linux)
RWTH Aachen CArwthcacert.cer (Android, Windows)RWTH cacert.der (Windows)RWTH cacert.pem (Linux)

Certificat Chain  DFN-PKI-G1

The certificate chain can be saved under any chosen name, file extension ".pem", path is "/etc/ssl/certs/" and can be integrated afterwards.


last changed on 07/31/2023

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