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Manage your certificates

Manage your certificates


RWTH members can manage their GÉANT/TCS server certificates via the web interface


  • Access the web interface only from within the RWTH IP network.
  • User authentication occurs via Single-Sign-On.
  • Following features are included:
    • Apply for a server certificate, using a new CSR file
    • Renew a server certificate, using previously uploaded CSR file
    • Download server certificate only
    • Download server certificate with chain (recommended)
    • List of own server certificates
    • List of server certificates of own contact group
    • Search for CN and SAN in a server certificate
    • Revoke a server certificate (function not enabled as of March.2023)
  • User permissions are based on CN/SANs resolution in DNS, data is sourced via the right-manager.
  • Certificates are issue/revoked
    • automatically, if the user is authorized
    • after moderation by an authorized network contact person
    • after moderation by the RWTH Registration Authority (RWTH RA)
  • Search under CN/SAN is dependant on network group membership
    • only under "own" certificates, if not of any network contact groups
    • within subdomain, if network contact  group membership granted
  • Notifications are sent via e-mail:
    • upon issue
    • at expiry (28 and 14 days before expiry)
    • upon revocation
    • in case of need for moderation
  • Address questions and feedback to the IT-ServiceDesk .


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last changed on 03/16/2023

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