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DFN-PKI Grid Server Certificate

DFN-PKI Grid Server Certificate


The RWTH registration authority processes applications for DFN-PKI Grid server certificates.

  • The DFN-PKI Grid-Portal can be used to apply for new GRID certificates, block existing ones, or search for a GRID certificate.
  • The certificate application must be submitted to and approved by the RWTH Registration Authority.
  • The certificate is issued by the DFN-PKI GRID and is delivered as an attachment in the notification email.

A GRID server certificate is valid for 393 days.


Applying for a server certificate via the web form

  1. Open the DFN-PKI Grid-Portal and change the language to English at the top right if needed
  2. Select Upload CSR (PKCS#10) file
  3. Fill out the fields as follows:
  • Select the CSR file
  • Your data
    • Full Name: Complete first name(s) and surname as they are displayed in your identity document.
    • Email: Email address with which you wish to receive the certificate and receive future notifications and the expiry or revocation of the certificate.
    • Department (optional): The complete name of your department or organisational unit. (e.g. IT Center, Computer Science 12) )
    • Revocation PIN: This PIN will be required to revoke or block certificates. Please keep this PIN safe.
  • Personal Note (optional): This note can be saved in the .json file that you create with your application.
  • You must agree to the regulations.
  • You must agree to the publication of the certificate.
  • You must confirm that you have read the information about how your data will be processed.
  1. Print the PDF file
  • Please read the printed document, then fill in the date and sign it.
  • You must bring the completed document with you to the registration authority.
  1. Submit your application in person.

The DFN-PKI certification guidelines require that the identity of the person applying for a certificate is checked. Please use one of the possible methods for identity verification.

last changed on 03/20/2024

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