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In addition to using the web interface "RWTH-DFN-Zertifizierungsportal" to generate a certificate request, it is also possible to use the SOAP interface of the DFN-PKI.


The DFN-PKI provides a SOAP client for this purpose, with the following SOAP calls corresponding to an action in the web interface

SOAP    Web Interface
newRequest    User makes an application
getRawRequest  RA views an application
approveRequest  RA signs & authorizes an application
get CrtificateByRequestSerialUser/RA wait for the certificate to be issued

SOAP communication either takes place synchronously or asynchronously via a separate graphical user interface.

The interface is well suited for

  • large number of users
  • Smart card/USB token initialization
  • Integration of local directory services
  • Local key backup during certification

A description of these extended options in the DFN-PKI are summarized in the article "Rollout von Zertifikaten leichter gemacht".



In addition to the DFN, RRZE, KIT, die WWU and the Universität Hannover also provide corresponding programs/libraries for communication with the SOAP interface.

last changed on 12/30/2022

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