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Use the DFN-LDAP as an Address Book

Use the DFN-LDAP as an Address Book


You can configure Outlook to use the DFN-LDAP as an Address Book.

These instructions were created using Outlook for Microsoft 365 on Windows 10 (Last updated 30.12.2022).


Use the DFN-LDAP as an Address Book (optional)

DFN LDAP benutzen 1

You are trying to send an encrypted e-mail, and decide to look up the recipient in the DFN-PKI LDAP address book.

DFN LDAP benutzen 2

You specify that your search should be inside the ldap-DFN-PKI address book and you want to make an extended search.

DFN LDAP benutzen 3

Your search criterium is "RA Postfach RWTH" anywhere inside the "Common Name" field of the DFN-PKI user certificates.

DFN LDAP benutzen 4

You have found the recipient you are looking for, you now need to save them in your own contacts.

DFN LDAP benutzen 5

Please note the user added "(DFN)" part in the Name. This helps you distinguish your contact as one imported from the DFN-PKI LDAP address book, i.e. with a user certificate (and a public RSA Key associated to it).

DFN LDAP benutzen 6
DFN LDAP benutzen 7

You're back to wanting to send an encrypted e-mail, to the contact you previously explicitly found in the DFN-LDAP address book and saved as your "own" contact.

DFN LDAP benutzen 8

You need to search among your own "Contacts", because you can only send an encrypted e-mail to an "own" contact, choose the one you tagged with "(DFN)".

DFN LDAP benutzen 9

Choose to "encrypt".

last changed on 01/05/2023

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