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Other coupon procedures

Other coupon procedures


Partner Manager processes replaced by role management

In addition to the RWTH Partner process for personal partners, there was a number of coupon processes in the Partner Manager until the end of last year. Through these, various institutions, whose employees did not receive coupons from the RWTH Department 8.0 - Personnel, could register their employees in the RWTH Identity Management. These processes no longer exist in this form. They have been replaced by the role management systems of the respective organizations, which can now assign the role "Member of an organizational unit".

Associated organizations

Employees of associated organizations and comparable institutions are not automatically registered as employees in the Identity Management. However, so that they can still access RWTH services, the role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit"" was set up in the IDM role management for such organizations. The prerequisite is the entry of these organizations in the RWTH's central organization directory and an appropriate category of the organization.

The coupon can be issued here if necessary by the person with the role "Role Management" of the respective organizational unit and can be redeemed in ConnectMe.

Gremieninformationsportal (ALLRIS)

The authentication for the Gremieninformationsportal for the various bodies of the RWTH Aachen University is realized via Shibboleth. For this purpose, the affected persons are authorized through a coupon procedure. The coupon is issued by the Central Administration of the RWTH and can be redeemed in ConnectMe.


Matse trainees

Matse trainees need access to RWTH services such as the  RWTH High Performance Computing (HPC) as part of their training. For this, registration in the Identity Management is required. This is usually sent to the trainee by post by the Matse department before the start of training and can be redeemed in ConnectMe.


Matse supervisors (supervisors of Matse trainees)

Matse supervisors need access to RWTH services such as the Matse services as part of their supervisory activities. For this, registration in the Identity Management is required. The coupon for this is issued by the Matse department and can be redeemed in ConnectMe.


External teaching staff

Teaching staff who are not employees of the RWTH Aachen and therefore cannot register like employees are recorded in RWTHOnline and receive a coupon from department 1.5, with which they can register themselves in the Identity Management via ConnectMe.


Travelers without an employment relationship

In order for travelers who are not employed by the RWTH to be able to account for their travels that they carry out on behalf of the RWTH via the travel expenses system, they receive a coupon from A personnel number and the status "External Employee RWTH" is generated when the coupon is redeemed. After that, these persons meet the conditions to accept one of the travel roles. Further information: RAFAEL - Definition der Rollen (Intranet).


Scholarship holders

Scholarship holders at RWTH Aachen University are not automatically registered in Identity Management. So that they can be provided with RWTH services in a similar way to Mint employees, a separate procedure has been set up for this group, which can be carried out independently by the holders of the role "Verwaltung Stipendiaten"" role at the RWTH organizational units. The coupon can be redeemed in ConnectMe.


Exchange (mail customers)

There is a procedure for mail customers with which people can register who have only been set up a mailbox in the RWTH Aachen University Exchange system.


RWTHmoodle - Invitations to study rooms

External persons can use learning spaces in RWTHmoodle. A current status at RWTH (e.g. as a student or employee) is not required for this.

If you, as a learning room manager, would like to add an external person to your learning room, you can invite the external person directly via the participant administration of the learning room. The external person will then receive a ConnectMe coupon by email. When the coupon is redeemed, the person will then have access to your learning room. As a manager, you can also view and manage the invitations sent from your learning room yourself.

If an external person already has a user account at RWTH (e.g. from a previous study or employment relationship at RWTH), you can authorize this person directly in the learning room via the participant administration. An invitation is not necessary in such cases.

last changed on 04/11/2024

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