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Activate a Role

Activate a Role


In order to make use of a role that was assigned to you by your role manager you first need to activate it. For this you will receive a personal coupon from your role manager.

This can be done via e-mail, internal mail or in person.


To activate the role, please visit the Selfservice.

After logging in with your username (e.g.ab123456) and the corresponding password, select the item "Redeem Coupon" in the navigation menu.

Redeeming a role coupon

Under "Redeem Coupon" you can redeem the coupon issued for this purpose by your role manager. 

You will then be asked to select the e-mail address on which you want to receive notifications about the role.

  • Please note that if you have several entries in RWTHcontacts, the e-mail addresses from each entry will be shown even if the e-mail addresses are the same.

In order to be able to redeem the coupon, you need to fulfil the conditions configured for the role.

As long as this has not been done, you will receive the error message that the conditions for the activation of the role have not been fulfilled.

The coupon, however, is still valid and can be redeemed after a successful linkage within the expiration time of 14 days.

When you fulfil these conditions and the coupon was checked for validity, your role is directly assigned to you and can be viewed under "Roles" in the Selfservice (see figure 1).

Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to receive e-mail notifications when changes were made to the role. This can be done in the Selfservice in the tab "Options".

Please keep in mind that it takes some time until you may use the role and that you might need to log on and off. You may not see all the features available to you until then.

last changed on 02/07/2024

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