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Use a Role

Use a Role


This manual describes the functions of the role management from the viewpoint of someone who is to make use of a role.


Displaying Roles from the Role Managment

Via the menu item "Roles" you can view existing roles from the role management and exercise them via the displayed links, e.g. in one of the ordering portals.

The tab “Roles” is only visible if you have been assigned at least one role.


Using Roles

To use one of the roles assigned to you click on the corresponding link under the menu item "Roles" in the column "Target System Links". This will lead you directly to the required page or application, e.g. the ordering portals. In case you are authorized for one role (e.g. Bestellung IT (IT purchaser)) in several contexts, please make sure to select the correct link

last changed on 07/03/2023

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