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Rights and Obligations of Partners

Rights and Obligations of Partners


For which purposes can RWTH partners use their access?

As a partner of the RWTH, you are given full access to RWTH services for the purposes related to your connection to the RWTH. You do not have permission to transfer access to these services to third parties. Should it become necessary for another person to access RWTH services, please contact your sponsor so they can grant access to that person.

What do you have to pay attention to when redeeming your coupon?

When redeeming your coupon, you may be asked to link the coupon to an existing account in order to minimize redundancies in the Identity Management System. This might be due to an existing partnership with the RWTH, for example on receiving a coupon to prolong an existing partnership. If this is the case, linking the new coupon to the existing account is the only way to ensure optimal use of RWTH services. (for example if Services need to exchange relevant information or if you need simultaneous SSO logins to different RWTH services)

What are your obligations as an RWTH partner?

By redeeming a coupon, you are agreeing to all Terms that apply, particularly the Network Code of Conduct of the RWTH and the Terms of Use of all RWTH services you use.
If you no longer require access to RWTH services, you are required to contact your sponsor in order to remove your access. This is in your interest as well, as it is intended to prevent possible misuse of your access.
Should you become aware of potential misuse of your account by third parties, you must contact your sponsor immediately. This will allow them to take the necessary steps to prevent further misuse.


last changed on 04/28/2023

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