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Link to the test system of RWTH Aachen University

Link to the test system of RWTH Aachen University


For complete instructions, see Procedure of connecting a new Shibboleth Service Provider

In addition to the productive environment, the RWTH Aachen University also offers a test environment for the Shibboleth connection. The following information is required for the connection: 

  • SSO Element

    <SSO entityID=""> SAML2 </SSO>

  • Metadata Provider

    <!-- RWTH Aachen Metadaten -->
        <MetadataProvider type="XML" url="" backingFilePath="rwth.metadata.xml" reloadInterval="7200">
            <MetadataFilter type="Signature" certificate="/etc/shibboleth/sso-test.pem"/>


The certificate for /etc/shibboleth/sso-test.pem can be found at You can also retrieve this via wget and place it directly at the destination:

wget -O /etc/shibboleth/sso-test.pem

    • This certificate must be shibd readable by the system user:

    chown shibd:shibd /etc/shibboleth/sso-test.pem
    chmod 664 /etc/shibboleth/sso-test.pem


    last changed on 05/06/2024

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