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Glossary Role Management

Glossary Role Management



A summary of the rights, that depend on the functions assigned to a person. A collection of rights. Roles are assigned in the context of organizations (e.g. IT orders/"Bestellung IT" for an institute). A role from the role management can only be assigned manually by a role manager. There are additional roles which are automatically assigned by the Identity Management System based on a person's attributes. These roles are not visible in the role management.


The setting in which a role can be used. This setting is usually defined by the connection to an institute.

Role Owner:

A person who defines a role and the rights that this role entails, as well as the circle of people who receive this role. Specifically, they decide which organizational units of RWTH Aachen University can assign the role through their role managers.

Role Manager:

A person with the right to assign roles to identities within a certain context.

Role Holder:

A person who holds at least one role (from the role management) in at least one context. Please note the distinction to  Role Owner and Role Managers!


A collection of identities which has either been created manually, or automatically due to a common attribute.


People who are registered in the Identity Management of RWTH Aachen University.

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