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Role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit"

Role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit"


The "Angehörige Organisationseinheit" (member of an organizational unit) role is only assigned in those organizational units of RWTH Aachen University whose employees cannot register via a coupon for employees in Identity Management, e.g. organizations in the category "C.11. Affiliated Institute". Until mid-2023, registration was carried out via the Partner Manager.


Responsibility for the management of an organizational unit

The head of the organizational unit is always responsible for assigning permissions via IdM role management. They can manage permissions themselves via the "Verwaltung Rollen" (role administration) role or delegate the administration of permissions to one or more employees in their organizational unit by assigning the "Verwaltung Rollen" role.

Who can be issued a coupon for the role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit"?

The role is intended to grant employees with an employment contract at the respective organizational unit access to services at RWTH Aachen University. It is the responsibility of the respective organizational unit to assign the role only to authorized persons and to obtain the necessary consent for the data collected in the course of the procedure. The role must be withdrawn on time at the end of the contract. The coupon may only be issued directly to the person to be authorized. An appropriate level of security in communication must be ensured.

The procedure for assigning and withdrawing the role is carried out by the respective organizational unit on its own accord. The respective organizational unit must ensure that a sufficient number of people have the role "Verwaltung Rollen" in order for the organization to be capable of functioning at all times.

Rights and responsibilities of people with the role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit“

In various systems, holding a role is regarded as a substitute for a signature. Accordingly, the assignment of a role is often equated with an authorization to sign.

People who have the role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit" at an organizational unit are entitled to use various services of RWTH Aachen University within the scope of their professional duties. They may not pass on their role coupons, access data and user authorizations to third parties. Which services can be used depends in particular on the category of the respective organizational unit.


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