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PictureManager is an image management application that is used to upload a photo for the BlueCard or a profile picture for the RWTH intranet.


To upload a photo, please select the respective option in the application:

  • "BlueCard" in the Selfservice to upload a photo for your BlueCard.
  • The picture icon under "My Profile" in the Intranet to upload a profile picture for the Intranet.

Alternatively, you can access the PictureManager via this link and upload or modify your picture directly for multiple systems.

PictureManager start page

By clicking on "Upload picture" you will be redirected to the image selection.

Choosing the photo for upload

Please follow the image requirements for the respective application.

Picture upload

Click on "Upload pictures" to transfer the image to the respective application.


last changed on 04/28/2023

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