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What is the Coupon Procedure?

What is the Coupon Procedure?


Coupon Procedures: Registration / Activation

All coupon procedures are based on the same principle and can only be used by various groups of people. Depending on the group of persons the responsible department issues this coupon.

The purpose of coupon procedures is to add you to the corresponding group of people and, if necessary, to establish a data synchronization of the system which provided the coupon. If you are already registered in the IdM system and hence have a user Name (e.g. ab123456), then please connect any new coupon to this user name. You can look up how to use a coupon procedure in the general manual for coupon procedures.

Further Information on the individual accounts in the IdM and the corresponding services can be found here .

You may belong to several groups at the same time. Different groups of people have different permissions. If you e.g. are a student and accept a "HIWI job", you will also receive a staff coupon. Only when you have redeemed all the coupons, your authorization set is complete and you can make the most of all the services.

Note: When redeeming any coupons, you have the possibility to register. Redeem any coupons, but avoid to register several times! Instead link the coupons to your record by logging in at redemption via the button "Login" via RWTH Single Sign-On

All coupon procedures are provided exclusively for people. Use for devices, for example, is not permitted!

Reasons for introducing the ConnectMe Procedure

Ensurance of data integrity

IT Systems are legally obliged by data protection laws to ensure the integrity of personal data. A false link between a data record in one of the systems of RWTH University and an identity in the identity management system leads to a violation of the integrity and the confidentiality of a person's data. A user might gain access e.g. via the self-service to the personal information of another user and at the same time lose his or her own data.

Incorrect links have an increasing impact in networking systems at RWTH University. A faulty link is usually only striking when processes are disturbed. Until then, a correction can be started, which is extremely expensive (communication with both affected users and all participating systems). In addition to the high cost of repair in many departments they prevent both users from participating in electronically supported processes of the College throughout the duration of the repair. E.g. wrong linked students can not sign in or out electronically for their exams.

The ConnectMe procedure makes any false linkage impossible.


Avoiding of "Identity Theft"

Manual linking e.g. by an official always has a high risk of incorrect data input. At the same time, if a verification is not carried out, the possibility exists that a user may even deliberately specify an incorrect link ID in order to gain access to the data of another user.

By redeeming a coupon in the ConnectMe procedure, the authentication of the user ensures that any wrong linking and therefore also "identity theft" is avoided.

One and a half years of experience with ConnectMe have already produced some cases per semester, in which a link with the false identity prevented and any damage were averted.


Prevention of duplicats and service continuity

In the IdM system, there are approved identities created from data records originating from the human resources systems. Identities resulting from any other origin are not approved. Here, a user might create an identity with arbitrary data (name, date of birth etc.). A link with one of these identities can under no cirumstances be made by an official because here identity theft would be very easy.

A new identity and very likely a duplicat would be the mandatory consequence. In contrast, a user himself can link the data to his own unapproved identity as he or she can prove evidence the ownership by authentication.

This way, any identity duplicats resulting from registration in systems which do not check ID cards.

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