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Description of the Role "Management of Network Elements"

Description of the Role "Management of Network Elements"


The role “Verwaltung Netzelemente (Administration of Network Elements)” was introduced to manage user permissions in the NOC Portal Right-Manager, in order to – among other things – introduce points of contact for specific network elements.


As role holder of the role Administration of Network Elements, you now have access to the settings subheader “Manage Groups”. In this interface, first select an organisation unit (context), for which you wish to operate. This will open another window. In the upper part of that page, you can now edit groups, while the lower part offers a list for searching through all available groups.

To create a new group, simply enter a name for the new group. In order to ensure the global uniqueness of the group name, the entered name will automatically be edited to include the OrgID of the organisation you selected in the first step as a prefix.

To add people to a group, first select it by clicking on its name. By setting the appropriate role, new members can be classified either as group members (Mitglied Gruppen) or group member administrator (Verwaltung Gruppenmitglieder).

Please Note: Administrative roles, such as administration of network elements or administration of group members, do NOT automatically grant membership to the group in question!

last changed on 09/08/2023

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