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Coupon for Scholarship holders

Coupon for Scholarship holders


General Information

Due to the functions of scholarship holders at RWTH Aachen Univeristy, the use of electronic services with privileges and permissions similar to those of an employee is crucial.

Until now this group has been registered as “RWTH-Partners” which lead to a considerably restricted scope of rights on the one hand and many workarounds in various processes on the other hand.

In order to provide scholarship holders with entitlements that are extended (compared to those of RWTH partners) and with the status "scholarship holder", a registration in the Identity Management is required.


The registration form can be found here.

Please contact us via mail, If you receive an error message when you try to open the form.

Responsible for contents is the Dept. 8.1.

Technically responsible is the Dept. 5.4.


Persons Involved

Scholarship Holders

Scholarship holders are all persons that are temporarily engaged with scientific or artistic tasks for their initial and continuing education and whose stay is usually funded by a third party (scholarship).

Holders of Role "Verwaltung Stipendiaten"

Only scientific and non-scientific staff of RWTH Aachen University employed by the Department 8 (Human Resources) can be role holders. Furthermore, the role “Verwaltung Stipendiaten” must be issued by the university and afterwards activated by the receiving person.

By registering a scholarship holder, the role holder confirms the requirement of the extended permissions for the scholarship holder’s task. All entries must be made with reasonable care.



The role holder of an institute obtains the consent of the scholarship holder and fills in the registration form for scholarship holders. Both documents are then electronically sent to the department 8.1 – Academic Employees and Assistants for verification purposes.

The department will then initiate the generation of a coupon code which is sent to the staff manager via e-mail. The role holder will then hand out the code to the scholarship holder.

The Scholarship holder can register for the Identity Management with the Coupon. It is also possible to link the coupon with the scholarship holder's username (format: ab123456). After the successful registration and the collection of their personal data (if not yet stored in the Identity Management) the scholarship holder receives a status which allows them to use the following services of RWTH Aachen University currently provided:

  • RWTH-E-Mail service
  • VPN
  • WLAN usage
  • WLAN-Guest-ID
  • UMS
  • Telephone Conferences
  • Free Quota Exchange (get in touch with the IT-ServiceDesk)
  • Access to publishers in the university library
  • Online publishers in the university library
  • Tivoli Storage Manager – Archive
  • High Performance Computing of RWTH Aachen University
  • Access to PC-Pools in several locations
  • Access to the RWTH intranet
  • RWTH parking permit
  • sciebo Cloud service of NRW universities

The status “Stipendiat” (scholarship holder) is limited to the duration of the stay at RWTH Aachen University. Any changes to the originally planned duration of the stay can be adjusted in the registration form by the role holder at any time.

Upon expiry of the stay all rights as scholarship holder are canceled and the scholarship holder, including all their accounts, will be deleted for reasons of data protection. If the scholarship holder has accounts that can be used beyond the duration of the scholarship, the accounts and the necessary personal data are stored in the IdM.

last changed on 10/30/2023

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