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CAMPUS Personal Data Synchronization with the Identity Management(IdM)

CAMPUS Personal Data Synchronization with the Identity Management(IdM)


To be able to offer an extended support for members of RWTH Aachen University, the organization directory and the Identity Management (former TIM user administration) have been linked. This only occurs automatically if a person has already been registered at the RWTH Aachen and has a username (e.g. ab123456) at the time when they are added to the organizational unit on CAMPUS. This combines the public data of an employee in the organization directory with

  • contact information in RWTHonline and other connected services
  • the information about their roles in CAMPUS and
  • their accounts in the Identity Management.

Additional information will not be recorded.

 Advantages for employees of RWTH Aachen University:

  • If you are in need of support, you will only have to state your name and your institute in order to get immediate help as employee of RWTH Aachen University- the support department will be able to view your customer information, e.g. accounts and roles, at a glance.
  • the ability to be assigned certain roles (e.g. IT procurement, human resources) in the role management of your organisation unit.
  • Use of the web-based learning platform RWTHmoodle: Lecturers assigned to a particular course in RWTHonline will, for example, automatically be made manager of the respective learning environment in moodle.
  • Access for authorised persons to the carpe diem! Tool (for event planning or schedule management)
  • Use of the form management system (e.g. for RWTH Jobticket oder Parkausweis)
  • Use of the university libraries' RWTH Publications system.
  • Use of evaluation tools, such as Teaching Load Questionnaire, elektronisches Promotionsauslageverfahren (ePA)


The holder of the CAMPUS role "Organisationseinheit" can identify missing links with the help of the "sunglasses symbol"  . Please always make sure that the data from the Identity Management and CAMPUS of all of the employees of your organization unit are linked, so that all employees can benefit from the advantages.
Detailed steps:

  1. Open the web site
  2. Click on "Login für Mitarbeiter" (Login employees) in the left menu bar and log on using the role "Organisationseinheit". 
  3. Check if there are any sunglasses symbols next to an entry of a person in the list "Angehörige" (members) below the central address (Zentraladresse).
  4. Contact the IT-ServiceDesk with the details of the person to have them link the data for you.

Note: After a new person has been entered in the CAMPUS organization directory, the link to Identity Management will be established automatically within 4 days.


Deleting employees

Persons can be deleted from your organization directory at anytime by clicking the "X" in the respective row.

ReRoSync Notice

If you delete persons from the organization unit, they automatically lose the TIM-Campus-Link. If this is the persons' only (or last) TIM-CAMPUS-Link they automatically lose all roles for which they were authorized. If the person is still listed in another organization unit with a respective link, all roles, including those for your organization unit, are preserved and have to be withdrawn manually by the role manager (Rollenverwalter).

last changed on 03/27/2023

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