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Connection between the Personal Data in the Identity Management and the Data in the RWTH Person Directory

Connection between the Personal Data in the Identity Management and the Data in the RWTH Person Directory


In order to provide RWTH users with access and support for key services, we use an interface which connects the RWTH Person Directory and Identity Management. This interface enables us to link the public data of RWTH employees with

  • their contact data in RWTHonline and connected services.
  • their Identity Management accounts.

Advantages for employees of RWTH Aachen University:

  • In support cases, the IT-ServiceDesk can help RWTH employees immediately, requiring only their name and institute. All relevant customer data, such as roles and accounts, is accessible in one place
  • Much easier management of user roles (e.g. IT-Purchasing, Personnel Management, Application for Business Trips, etc.) for their own organisational unit
  • Use of the online learning platform RWTHmoodle: the lecturers entered in RWTHonline can, for example, be added as manager of the corresponding moodle room automatically
  • carpe diem! access for authorised personnel (e.g. for lecture planning and the management of course schedules)
  • Use of the Form Management System (e.g. for an RWTH Jobticket or parking permit)
  • Access to the university libraries’ RWTH Publications
  • Use of evaluation tools such as the Teaching Evaluation Form (LEB) and the digital PhD display period (ePA)


The link can be authorised by those with the role "Verwaltung Organisation" in your institute. To do so, they simply assign a user to their institute in the RWTH Person Directory.

After assigning a user to an institute in the RWTH person directory, the link to Identity Management will be created automatically the following day.

You can remove users from your institute's directory at any time. When doing so, please note the following:

  • By removing a user from your institute, you are also severing the Identity Management link.
  • If this was their only (or last remaining) link, the user automatically loses all roles they were authorized for.
  • However, if that user is also registered at another institute with a corresponding link, their roles and authorizations in your institution will not be removed automatically. In this case, those roles must be removed manually by the role managers in your institute.

last changed on 07/24/2023

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