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Connection between the Personal Data in the Identity Management and the Data in the RWTH Person Directory

Connection between the Personal Data in the Identity Management and the Data in the RWTH Person Directory


In order to be able to offer RWTH members the use of centralised services and more comprehensive support, there is a connection between RWTHcontacts( PVZpersonal directory ) and Identity Management. This connection makes it possible to link the public data of employed persons in the RWTH personal directory with

  • the contact data in RWTHonline and connected services
  • accounts in Identity Management.

Additional information is not recorded.

The specific advantages for employees of RWTH Aachen University:

  • Performing roles (e.g. IT requester, requesting business trips, HR manager, etc.) from role management: people who are registered in the PVZ fulfil the role condition "PVZ" and therefore have an official email address assigned to them
  • In RWTH Single Sign-On, information on business contact data (email address, telephone number) and assignment of a person to an organisation is available for use in downstream processes
  • Personal exports in Identity Management can be enriched with contact information from RWHTcontacts to support further processes


The link is created by the holder of the "Verwaltung Organisation" role at an institution by assigning a person to this institution in the RWTH Personenverzeichnis directory of persons.

  • Once a new person has been assigned in the RWTH person directory, the link to Identity Management will be created automatically, usually after 40 minutes.

You can remove people from your institution's person directory at any time. Please note the following information:

  • If you delete a person from your institution's directory of persons, the person will lose their official contact details in Identity Management.
  • If you delete the person's last link to an organisation in RWTHcontacts, they will automatically lose all roles for which they were authorised.
  • If the person is still registered in another organisation with a corresponding link, the roles will also remain for your organisation and must be removed manually by the role administration.

last changed on 02/26/2024

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