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Choose "People" on the menu to add a new person to your organization, remove former members from your organization or to modify the contact information of a person.

People overview


Adding People (1)

You can only add people that already have an identity in IdM and a status at your organization.

The column "Status" may contain the following status information:

  • Employee RWTH
  • Scholarship holder RWTH
  • Member UKA
  • External employee RWTH

If the person does not have an identity, you can create one by using the coupon procedure.

If the person does not have a status at your organization, the role "Beitritt Personenverzeichnis" can be issued to them by your role administrator ("Rollenverwalter*in"). The column "Status" the contains the following information:

  • Role holder

Please be aware that people who have been newly added may not be displayed until the following day.

Adding people

Modifying the Work Address and Contacts for a Person (2)

In order to modify the work address or contacts for a person, please click on their name.

Subsequently, fill out all the fields:

  • The field "Display name" ist used by the Alcatel phone system of the RWTH and Uniclinic for showing a name on the phone display.

Click "save".

Modifying personal data

If the telephone number is entered for several people and the display name in the personal entries is different, a message will be displayed:

A message concerning a different display name

Removing a person (3)

People are not removed from organizations automatically, so the organization administrators need to actively remove people who are no longer part of their organization. You can delete a person's entry from your organization by clicking on the trash can symbol in the corresponding line of the overview.

Deleting entries

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