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Role "Zuordnung Personenverzeichnis"

Role "Zuordnung Personenverzeichnis"


The role "Zuordnung Personenverzeichnis" (assignment Person Directory) is used in the context of the RWTH Person Directory (PVZ) and is intended for those persons:

  • who do not have an assignment to a specific organization in Identity Management,
  • but who have to be added to this organization in the Person Directory.

No other rights are associated with this role. The role "Zuordnung Personenverzeichnis" can be accepted with any e-mail address, as the e-mail address is not evaluated. An official e-mail address that has not yet been entered in the PVZ is not yet available when the role coupon is redeemed.

This role can be distributed by an organization's Role Manager via the IdM role management.

After activating the role, the role owners appear under the menu item "People" in the Person Directory within the organization and can be added to the employee overview of this organization by the organization administrators.

  • Once a person in the person directory has been added to the organization, the role "Assigned to person directory" can be removed again, as assigned persons are not automatically removed. 
  • A person who will be assigned other roles at the organizaion which are associated with rights do not need the role "Zuordnung Personenverzeichnis".


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last changed on 12/07/2023

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