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The display is used by applications such as institute websites in CMS and RWTHcontacts, in order to clearly show the structure of your organization.

To achieve this, all entries can be grouped by captions and can also be sorted under the respective captions.


Display overview


Adding and Organizing Captions (1)

You can use captions to group and sort people, objects and comments.

To do so, click on "Add Caption".

Fill out the fields and click "Save".

Adding a caption

The caption will now be shown as the last entry in the display. You can rearrange the order of the captions by drag-and-drop.

Grouping Elements with a Caption (2)

Elements can be added to a caption. Click on the Add Person symbol for the caption which you wish to add elements to.

Next, select all the elements which you wish to add and then click "Add selected elements".

Adding elements to a caption

The newly added elements will now be displayed as the last entries in the display of the selected caption.

Adding Comments (3)

You can add comments to a caption. These appear as elements with an info-symbol.


Additionally, you can add comments to persons and objects, e.g. the position of a person.

Adding comments to elements

Editing comments for elements

Changing the Order of Captions and Elements

You can us drag-and-drop to change the order of captions and elements within a caption.


It is not possible to move elements directly from one caption to another. They must instead be removed from one caption, before being added to a new caption.

Removing elements from a caption

Click on the delete symbol to delete captions and elements within.

Sort alphabetically (4)

You can click the button "Sort alphabetically" to sort the elements within a caption into ascending alphabetical order. The elements are initially grouped by type and then sorted alphabetically within their types. For example, comments would be grouped in a block and in alphabetical order, followed by a block of objects, followed by a block of people. Individual elements can be moved as usual after being sorted.

last changed on 09/08/2023

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