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News about the Introduction of RWTHcontacts

News about the Introduction of RWTHcontacts



Profile image upload in RWTHcontacts is possible.

20 February, 2024

Starting on April the 3rd, 2024, the IT Center will conceal entries in the menu "Vacant Campus Assignments". These will then no longer be displayed on RWTHcontacts and the connected systems (RWTH intranet, CMS institute websites, ...). 
On April 24th, 2024, the entries in the menu "Vacant Campus Assignments" will be deleted. This procedure is absolutely necessary, as this is the only way to clean up the data in the new RWTH Person Directory taken from the old CAS CAMPUS directory, which has been switched off.
Organization administrators must therefore adjust the entries in the menu "Vacant Campus Assignments" in the RWTH Person Directory in order to ensure a correct external presentation of their organization. Organization administrators are role owners of the "Organization administration" role. This role is available to all organizations in the IdM role administration.

8 January, 2024

Apart from adding wildcards to the people search, the display of internal DECT numbers of the university clinic has been finalized. These can be displayed for and by university clinic organizations.

11 November, 2023

The person search has been expanded in RWTHcontacts: Several pieces of information about a person are displayed together. The person directory has received a UI update and has been adapted to the design of RWTHcontacts.

4 Oktober, 2023

The status of organizations can now be recorded in the organization directory. In addition, entered URLs and e-mail addresses are validated.

6 September, 2023

The UI of the person directory has been improved. Error messages are now more clearly visible and the view of vacant campus assignments has been revised.

31 August, 2023

On August 31, the RWTH Aachen University web phone directory CAS CAMPUS was shut down. The old CAS CAMPUS directory has now been completely replaced by the new RWTHcontacts directory.

For more information, please see the IT Center Blog and the circular.

1 August, 2023

New version of the RWTH Person Directory and RWTHcontacts. Just like in the RWTH Directory of Organizations, buildings and addresses can be selected using the RWTH building management system. Selected buildings are linked to the RWTH Navigator in RWTHcontacts.

27 June, 2023

Go Live of the RWTH Person Directory. The CAS Campus Organization and People Directory is now only available in read-only mode. As a result, the data therein in not necessarily up-to-date.

Further information can be found on the IT Center Blog.

15 May, 2023

Deactivation of CAS Campus Exports and Changeover to RWTHcontacts Exports.

Further information can be found on the IT Center Blog.

1 March, 2023

The data of persons and rooms originating from CAS Campus are displayed on RWTHcontacts. The data is updated at irregular intervals.

Further information can be found on the IT Center Blog.

15 December, 2022

RWTH Organization Directory Go Live. In the RWTH Organization Directory, organization administrators can maintain the functional addresses and contacts of their organization. The database was initially transferred from CAS Campus. The subsequent use of the data in digital processes is now transferred from CAS Campus to the RWTH Organization Directory. The data can already be seen on RWTHcontacts. 

Organization administrators are role holders of the role "Verwaltung Organisation". This role is available to all organizations in the IdM role administration as of today.

14 December, 2022

Presentation of the project at the admin round of the IT Center.

21 November, 2022

Newsletter publication "RWTHcontacts - The new organisation and person directory on the RWTH Aachen University"

24 August 2022 - RWTHcontacts goes live

On RWTHcontacts you can see the organization data from the new central organization directory, including entries from the old CAS Campus System.

The OrgIDs for all organizations of the RWTH Aachen University can be found.

Further information can be found on the IT Center Blog.

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