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General Information on the Selfservice

The Selfservice enabIes users to access and partly change their data of the Identity Management

Use your username (format: ab123456) and the corresponding password for your RWTH Single Sign-On account.

The login should look like this:


Via the Selfservice you can access information on your BlueCard and, if need be, change it. This is also where students upload their photo for the BlueCard and can decide whether their BlueCard should be generated with or without a chip. This process orders the BlueCard.

Students will be notified of BlueCard completion via an email to their address.


Information and FAQ are available via:


The photo must have a minimum size of 212x283 pixels, must not be larger than 10 MB and has to match the standard jpg/jpeg format.


If you got problems with the photo upload, follow the steps:

Open your image in GIMP and export it as a jpg file. Then try the upload again. Should there still be problems, you can change the color profile with GIMP. For this, open the image in GIMP, open the "Image" menu, select "mode" and "Convert to Color Profile ...". Here you select "Convert to" "RGB working space (sRGB built-in)" as "rendering intent" "perception" and finally click on "Convert ". Then you export the image again as a jpg image. Then should the photo upload work. 

last changed on 07/14/2022

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