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Description of the Role "Group Member Management"

Description of the Role "Group Member Management"


The role group member administration is intended to aid in the management of user privileges in the NOC Right-Manager, and to – among other things – create additional points of contact for each network element.


As role holder of the role “administration of group members” (Gruppenmitgliedsverwalter), you are granted access to the settings submenu “Manage Groups” (Gruppen Verwalten). In this interface, first select an organisation unit (context), for which you wish to operate. This will open another window. The page shows an overview of all groups, and you have the option of adding members to some groups as well.

To add people to a group, first select them by clicking on their name. By setting the appropriate role, new members can be classified either as group members (Mitglied Gruppen) or group member administrator (Verwaltung Gruppenmitglieder).

Should you be unable to add new members to certain groups, you have not been granted the role of user administration for that group. You will find a list of all groups you have administrative privileges over in the IdM Selfservice.

Please Note: Group Member Administrators are not automatically members of the groups they manage.

last changed on 09/08/2023

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