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Role owners can configure conditions for roles. A future role holder has to meet all the configured conditions to be able to activate the role. In case of violated conditions, the role is directly revoked from the role holder. The configured conditions for each role are listed in the role management system.

One of the common conditions is an existing linkage of your username (format: ab123456) with your employee data in the RWTH Direcroty of Persons. Please note that the condition "PVZ" only controls if the entry exists. If a person is listed in an organisation directory other than yours the roles are not revoked by the system automatically but have to be revoked manually by the role manager.


Further Information

Purchaser roles in the central university administration department

For the demand of the ZHV, the chancellor has shifted the purchasing responsibility to certain departments. As a consequence the purchasing roles (conventional purchase, academic purchaser, IT-purchaser) within the central university administration department have been assigned according to the responsibilities defined by the chancellor. The existing purchaser roles within the central university administration department have been withdrawn and cannot be assigned by the role manager again. This regulation is not relevant for the departments 7.3, 8.4, 5.0, 5.3, 10.1 and the chancellor.


last changed on 06/15/2023

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