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Explanation of attributes

Explanation of attributes


The following table provides an overview of all attributes that can be transferred to the individual service providers via Shibboleth:

Global Unique ID
A sectoral identifier for a person, for example: "user@domain"
Unique ID: A unique identifier for a person, mainly for inter-institutional user identification
Users e-mail address.

Specifies a users affiliation to a specific security domain in the form Member (at RWTH University a composition of employees and students) Student Employee

The Affiliation 'member' is as recommended by DFN released to any service provider. The subgroups are only released to specific service providers.

This is not an e-mail address!

Full Name
full name (given name and surname)
Display Name
name (preferred given name and surname)
Place of residence
place of residence
street name
Addresspostal address
Given name
Given name of a person

anonymous global unique ID

A persistent identifier
Type of affiliation at RWTH
Roles and Groups

A URI to assign specific rights to specific content.

The value urn:mace:dir:entitlement:common-lib-terms indicates that the user is registered in the university library. The attribute is released to any service provider as recommended by DFN. 

The value indicates that the user is allowed to use eduroam WLAN and to use the EGM to create accounts for his devices.

Prefered given name
Prefered given name. (Concerning people with more than one given name. Can be defined via Selfservice.)
institute index number
Index number(s) of institute(s)
country code of address like B, NL, F, L...
Date of birth
date of birth
Exmatriculation Date
date of exmatriculation
Subject info
Encoded string that represents the subjects of studies together with other related information with regard to the current term.
Place of Birth
place of birth
Matriculation number
matriculation number
RWTH-IDUnique identifier for the RWTH.
Terms of study
Terms of study

Business E-Mail Adress

Office e-mail address at RWTH (from RWTHcontacs, only available when the connection between the Identity Management data and RWTH Person Directory data has been established)
Business Telephonenumber
Office telephone number at RWTH (from RWTHcontacs, only available when the connection between the Identity Management data and RWTH Person Directory data has been established)
SVA Person Statusperson status in the SVA-system

Study info

Encoded string that specifies the study information, e. g. 20191,11,a=71,f=185,3,s=4...

20191=semester related to the data (YYYY1=summer, YYYY2=winter)
11=1st course of studies, 1st subject (currently not interpretabel)
a=desired degree
f=subject code, PO version
s=subject-related semester


Students who are enrolled in more than one degree program have one rwthFachInfo per degree program.

The PO version describes the last two digits of the year, without the leading zero. In the example f=185.3, the 3 therefore refers to the year 2003.

RWTH Partner StatusSaves the affiliation of a user to a spedific institution in urn-mace-format.
Employment Start

Beginning of the employment relationship; for contracts concluded prior to June 1, 2016, this is the date of transfer to the SAP system.

Employment End
End of Employment
Start of Retirement
Start date of Retirement
Entry Date at the RWTH
Entry date at the RWTH
Country of residence for edX
The users country of residence for the "edX" platform.
Anonymous placeholder for edX
Anonymous placeholder for the "edX" platform.
Anonymized email alias for edX
Anonymized email alias for "edX" platform.
system references
RWTH-specific system references in urn:mace-Encoding, e. g. "TH-Personalnummer (SAP)", Bluecard number etc.

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