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Role Manager Overview

Role Manager Overview


This manual describes the functions of the role management from the viewpoint of role managers. Role managers are role holders of the role "Verwaltung Rollen", i.e. the persons who assign roles to other users.



As a "role manager", you can access the role management via the following link:

Please use your username (format: ab123456) and the corresponding password of the RWTH Single Sign-On account.

Alternatively, you can log in into the Selfservice and click on the "Rollenverwaltung" link in the role overview.

Roles overview

On the home page you can view the roles that have been assigned in the institution managed by you. In this overview, it is also possible to withdraw a role. You can leave a comment to a certain role assignment using the comment field ("i" symbol).

The Screeshot shows an overview of all roles assigned withing the organisation.

With the help of the field "Filter list", you can filter all columns of the chart. Via the menu item "Coupons" on the top, you can view all issued authorizations.

An alert message is displayed in case the minimum number of role holders of a certain role in a specific context is below the set value:

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last changed on 03/27/2023

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