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What is the Partner-procedure?

What is the Partner-procedure?



General Information

To be able to use the electronic services of RWTH Aachen University, e.g. WLAN, you must first register for the Identity Management.
Furthermore, you need a status within the Identity Management to own accounts as e.g. WLAN. Students, employees and participants of the Coupon-Procedure can access the Identity Management by redeeming their coupon. 
If you are not part of these groups, but, in the interests of RWTH Aachen University, still need access to those services, you can use the RWTH-Partner-Procedure described here.

Persons involved


RWTH-Partner are all those persons supposed to participate in electronic processes but cannot register for the Identity Management in any other way, e.g. employees of the affiliated institutes, visiting scientists or co-operation partners. 
With their registration RWTH-Partner agree to the Network Code of Conduct.

Please notice: Especially for employees of affiliated institutes and similar an alternative has been established. Registration can be done using the role "Angehörige Organisationseinheit".


Only scientific and non-scientific staff of RWTH Aachen University employed by the Department 8 (Human Resources) and staff of the Faculty of Medicine can be sponsors.

The appropriate status in the RWTH Selfservice RWTH data are Mitarbeitende(r) RWTH or Members FB10. 
By registering a RWTH-Partnership the sponsor confirms the requirement of the extended permissions for the RWTH-Partner. All entries must be made with reasonable care.



The procedure is designed to make the registration of RWTH-Partners for the Identity Management as easy as possible.

The Sponsor generates a coupon code via the Partner-Manager. The partner then needs to register with this code in ConnectMe.

It is also possible to link the coupon with the partner’s username (format: ab123456). 
After the successful registration and the collection of their personal data (if not yet stored in the Identity Management) the partner receives a status which allows them to use the services of RWTH Aachen University.

The Partnership is limited to a sponsoring time. This can be changed any time by the Sponsor, which includes cancelling it. The (up to date) maximum value for the sponsoring time is one year. 
The RWTH-Partner-Sponsor-Relationship eventually has to be extended in regular intervals by the sponsor via the Partner-Manager. 
With the end of the sponsoring time all rights as RWTH-Partner expire and the RWTH-Partner, including all their accounts, will be deleted for reasons of data protection.

The status of all partnerships end when the sponsor leaves the RWTH. In case a partnership shall be continued, another Sponsor can issue a new coupon. This coupon can be redeemed by the RWTH-Partner with his already existing account.

More detailed descriptions of the procedure for RWTH-Partner and RWTH-Sponsors can be found in the manuals :

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