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Rights and Obligations of Sponsors

Rights and Obligations of Sponsors

Whom are you allowed to grant coupons as a Sponsor?

The partner program is intended to grant access to RWTH services to natural persons who have no other way of obtaining it.

Does no other Process come into consideration?

The first thing to check before granting partner access is whether or not the person in question could be granted access via another process. If, for example, the person in question will take part in Lectures or hold Lectures themselves, the process for external teaching personell may be more appropriate. These different processes for varying cases are tied to certain permissions and rights that may not be granted to partners. For this reason, relevant other processes will always be take precedence. 

Is there an official Requirement?

By granting an RWTH-partnership as a sponsor, you confirm that there is an official requirement for that persons access. Whether or not this requirement exists can not be accurately decided by a central organisational unit. As such, this decision is yours as the sponsor.

A requirement exists if, for example, an external project partner, who cannot gain access to RWTH services via any other process, needs this access in order to participate in a Research project or if an external technician needs VPN access for maintenance work.

If you are not sure whether you have the right to grant RWTH-partnership status, please contact your manager or the IT-Servicedesk.

As soon as the official requirement no longer applies, you are obligated to delete the coupon and thereby remove the access. The obligation to regularly check on the validity of coupons granted by you is independent of the regular expiration date of the coupons. Please also be aware of your coupons in case your employment at the RWTH is ending, and refer the coupons you granted to another sponsor if necessary.

All entries are expected to be maintained with due diligence. As a sponsor, you alone can view and manage the coupons you create.

Does it concern a natural person?

If the partner process is the only reasonable option, you may grant a coupon for personal access. This means that you are not allowed to grant one coupon for use by multiple people, for example to a project in which all project members share one login. In that case, all members will need to be granted an individual coupon. You are also no allowed to grant access to project teams or devices.

As a sponsor, you may only give the coupon for personal access directly to the person that is receiving the personal access.

You may not grant coupons to yourself. If you do require additional access, please contact another appropriate sponsor.

Misuse of RWTH access by the partner

By redeeming a partner coupon, the partner agrees to all Terms that apply, particularly the Network Code of Conduct of the RWTH and the Terms of Use of all RWTH services used. The partner bears responsibility for their access and any possible misuse.

Should you, as a sponsor, be made aware of possible misuse of a coupon you created, you must inform the IT-Servicedesk as soon as possible, and may delete the coupon in question according to your own judgement.

Official Obligations

As a sponsor, you are required to diligently consider all official interests and to grant partner status exclusively in accordance with the interests of the RWTH. Using the partnership program for private reasons is strictly prohibited. A violation of these rules may, depending on individual circumstances, lead to personnel consequences.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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