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Installation of the Service Provider (SP)

Installation of the Service Provider (SP)




All deployers need to subscribe to the Shibboleth Announcement mailing list. This is where announcements about new releases, end of life of past releases, and security advisories are distributed.

Supported are

  • Red Hat Enterprise 7 und 8, CentOS 7 und 8, Rocky Linux 8 und 9, sowie Amazon Linux 2 und Amazon Linux 2023

On the site select your OS an copy the text to /etc/yum.repos.d/shibboleth.repo (if your OS uses yum)

Shibboleth can now be installed:

yum install shibboleth

Now Shibboleth SP is installed.

Detailed installation instructions can be found either on the pages of the DFN or at SWITCHaai.

Debian based distribution and Windows

For Debian based distributions and Windows please use the instructions at SWITCHaai.

last changed on 09/06/2023

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