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ArcGIS is a geographic information software developed by Esri to capture, manage, analyze and visualize geospatial data. ArcGIS allows users to create maps, analyze geographic information and understand complex spatial relationships. The software offers a variety of tools and features for capturing geospatial data, including GIS databases, aerial imagery, satellite imagery and GPS data.

ArcGIS Desktop is provided by the Institute of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (LIH) at RWTH Aachen University and includes the following functionalities:

  •     3D Analyst
  •     Geostatical Analyst
  •     Data Interoperability
  •     Data Reviewer
  •     Workflow Manager
  •     Network Analyst
  •     Spatial Analyst
  •     Tracking Analyst
  •     Schematics
  •     Publisher

The software is available to students of RWTH Aachen University as part of the courses in the field of

"Geographic Information Systems" to the following teaching units of the Department of Geosciences and Geography:

  •   Faculty of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology,
  •   Teaching and research area Hydrogeology,
  •   Faculty of Physical Geography and Geoecology.

You can find more information on the website of the Institute of Geography

For support requests for the product itself, please contact: ArcGIS.

last changed on 05/06/2024

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