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OpenLM License Router

OpenLM License Router



The OpenLM allows making changes on the license servers, for example, in case of migration of a license server to another one, so that the customers does not need to make any changes by themselves.

All licenses available for purchase in the Software-Shop will be consequently changed to the licensing via the OpenLM router.


Access via OpenLM router

While using the license router, users are to enter the router host name during the product licensing, which will forward them to the right license server. In that way, the license server migration can proceed in the background, and the host name change by the user is not necessary anymore.

Some software products are not supported by the OpenLM router. In this case, the licensing for these products is realized directly.

Following software products are not supported by the router at the moment:

  • CATIA to R5V22
  • SPSS


Function of the license router for FlexLM

  1. Connection from the client via the license router to the license server is built
  2. Client request about how the vendordaemon can be reached is sent to the license server
  3. License server sends a response
  4. Connection from the client to the vendordaenom is built
  5. Further communication (for example, borrowing or returting of licenses) follows

last changed on 04/28/2023

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