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What is Mathematica?

What is Mathematica?


Mathematica, by Wolfram Research Inc., is a general system for numeric, symbolic and graphic calculations. It can be used as interactive calculation tool, simulation tool and programming language. The numeric abilities include floating point arithmetic and manipulation of matrixes. Mathematica facilitates the complete development, calculation and representation of technical problems in an integrated environment that is very flexible and reliable. Optimising, adjusting and editing can be done within hours instead of days owing to the fully associative structure of the programme.

Mathematica is an integrated solution for problems with technical calculations, 2D and 3D visualisations, modelling and simulation and can even be used as interactive geometry system. Because of the manifold possible applications Mathematica is considered the number one system for technical computing and publishing.

Mathematica currently offers more than 30 engineering related add-on modules developed within Mathematica, which extend and complement the range of services in special fields such as analog circuit analysis, thermal analysis, optics or financial analysis.


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