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IPv6 Beta Phase Software License Server

IPv6 Beta Phase Software License Server


In February 2024, a limited beta will begin for some of our software license servers to be provided via IPv6.

New DNS records will be created, which users must enter if they want to use IPv6. For license servers that require activation, it is also necessary for you to send us your IPv6 address range. For some programs the direct entry of the FQDN may not be recognized, while the entry of the IPv6 address works.
Further information regardingĀ usageĀ can be found in the ITC_README_Lizenzinformationen.txt of the respective software product.

List of currently available license servers via IPv6:
- Abaqus
- Ansys
- Dymola
- FlexPro
- Maple
- Mathematica
- Origin
- SolidWorks

Technical background:
Some license servers cannot technically support IPv6 at present, as the manufacturer of the license software has not implemented this. In the case of FlexLM, IPv6 is already supported by the main component. However, it is up to each manufacturer to decide how to implement this component in their license software. Therefore, not all license servers based on FlexLM are automatically compatible with IPv6.
Another problem with some license servers is the activation of the IPv6 addresses for institutions. In some cases, the client IPv6 address is not transmitted, while the computer name is. This means that the unique identifier of the computers is lost and we cannot activate them. We are therefore unable to offer such license servers via IPv6.

However, we are interested in expanding this offer and would ask you to let us know if you require further license servers via IPv6.

last changed on 02/20/2024

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