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Adobe ETLA Terms of Use

Adobe ETLA Terms of Use


Adobe is a cloud software, which is available to the RWTH Aachen University due to license conditions. It encompasses various products (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.). The use of Adobe ETLA requires a local installation and a license in the cloud. The storage of data in the cloud is technically possible and is subject to organizational provisions.

By using Adobe ETLA you confirm the following points:

  • Authentication occurs using the RWTH Single Sign-On service (Shibboleth) of RWTH Aachen University. The following personal data is automatically transmitted to Adobe: First- and surname, as well as a primary RWTH Aachen University email address. These serve the purpose of authenticating and authorizing a user. No additional data (username and password) is passed on to Adobe by Shibboleth. That provided primary email address can be used for correspondence by the administrators of the IT Center as well as by users with whom a document has been shared in the cloud software.
  • Please note that Adobe licenses are only allowed to be used for official purposes and projects.
  • It is generally possible to store data in the cloud, as this cannot be restricted with technical measures. RWTH Aachen University has come up with the following organizational rules and recommendations to address this:
    • Only the storage location in Ireland may be used.
    • No personal data or sensitive research data may be stored on the cloud.
    • We strongly recommend against storing any data on the cloud.
    • Should data is stored in the cloud, contrary to our recommendations, the protection of this data is the responsibility of the respective user.
    • Please check whether storage in the cloud is absolutely necessary, before any data is saved to the cloud.

Ireland is used as a cloud storage location for most products and services in the Creative Cloud. Acrobat Pro DC and PDF-Services are exceptions to this. Both use the USA as a cloud storage location, meaning that their use in the cloud is forbidden. If you have a local installation of Acrobat Pro DC, you can continue to use this by only saving locally.

Should you not agree with these terms of use, you can find a link to alternative products in our Adobe FAQ.

last changed on 11/22/2022

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