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Tecplot License

Tecplot License


Network licenses:

Tecplot is available as a network license via the Software Shop. To ensure fair use, concurrent license usage is limited to the number of licenses purchased. Access to the licenses is only possible from the IP address ranges provided to us and from the RWTH computing cluster using the cluster accounts specified to us. These must be communicated to us when purchasing new licenses or extending existing licenses.

Users who want to use Tecplot without a network connection (for conferences, seminars, home-use,...) can borrow a license temporarily from the network using the "Borrow Function". Help on how to do this can be found in Tecplot under Help/License Roaming.

Single user licenses:

In addition to network licenses, single-user licenses are also available through the Software Shop. These licenses can only be installed on a single device.

Tecplot for teaching:

If you would like to use Tecplot in the context of a course, please contact us at

last changed on 03/27/2023

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