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What is MATLAB Campus?

What is MATLAB Campus?


MATLAB was orginally developed as "MATrix LABoratory" to simplify the access to the matrix software that was developed in the LINPACK and EISPACK projects. By now MATLAB combines this numeric core as well as numerous possibilities for visualisation in a consistent, interactive system.

The integrated functions directly operate on matrices and make it possible to solve matrix-based problems on a significantly higher level of abstraction, as in e.g. FORTRAN or C. The programme can easily be extended by adding toolboxes, i.e. subprograms written in the MATLAB programming language. It is also possible to integrate FORTRAN or C subprogrammes.



is an interactive system for the non-linear simulation of dynamic systems. The systmes you want to simulate can be designed as block diagrams by means of a graphical, mouse-controlled surface.

SIMULINK is able to simulate linear and non-linear, discrete time and continuous systems. It is completely integrated into MATLAB and uses its numeric procedures to simulate the models.



are collections of MATLAB M-files that are specialised for a certain area of application and can be opened within a MATLAB session. All toolboxes offered from MATHWORKS for academic institutions are already part of the MATLAB Campus licenses. The exact extent can be viewed on the MATLAB-Website of RWTH


Distributed Computing Server

These additional licenses faciliate the distribution of MATLAB to several computing nodes. Some of these licenses are available on the RWTH High Performance Computing cluster. The campus license also includes the possibility of equipping a separate cluster with these licenses. These are then restricted to 32 workers.


Matlab Online

Matlab can also be used through your webbrowser. You will have to login to to use this service. Please take note that you are working in a cloud environment with Matlab Online and the calculations are not handled by servers in the RWTH net. You can find more information on

Please also pay attention to the terms of use for MATLAB, which can be found on



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