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What is COMSOL?

What is COMSOL?


COMSOL Multiphysics is a programme for the modelling and calculation of multiphysical problems based on partial differential equations.

There are currently two different COMSOL licenses in use at RWTH, each serving a different purpose. The FNL-License covers academic research, while the CKL license covers teaching. Please note that the CKL license only applies if the program will be used exclusively for the purposes of coursework, as well as students' bachelor- or master theses.

The software has a modular structure. There are numerous modules from the fields of chemistry, electronics, mechanics, fluidics, multipurpose and interfacing. A list of all modules currently included in the licensing agreement can be found here.


The COMSOL Learning Center is a collection of resources for users of all experience levels:

The Learning Center includes:

  • Multipart courses
  • Articles
  • Tutorial videos
  • Model files and exercises
  • Step-by-step instructions

COMSOL offers beginners an introductory web workshop for their software. In order to participate in these workshops, you will first need to register for a COMSOL-Access-Account.

last changed on 06/30/2023

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