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Efficient Elements

Efficient Elements


Efficient Elements is software that helps PowerPoint users enhance their presentations quickly and easily by providing a variety of professional templates, graphics and tools. The following functions are provided:

  • Agenda Wizard: Creates complex agenda slides in seconds.
  • Slide Wizard: Grouped slide elements such as organizational charts, maps, charts, boxes, columns, table patterns and other standard elements in quick access.
  • Smart Elements: Your own, frequently used elements can be saved as favorites and are thus available for quick access. This also applies to objects that are only created in PowerPoint.
  • Text Wizard: Use this function to insert text modules and special characters from the library. You can also create your own text modules.
  • Efficiency: These tools help with the uniform alignment and scaling of selected elements. For example, you can scale all objects on a slide to the same size with just a few clicks.
     A pipette facilitates the color selection of objects.
  • Slice function: You can simply send individual slides by e-mail or save them as your own presentation.
  • Expert functions: Here you can, for example, remove notes from presentations before they are sent, show or hide elements for a better overview or adjust grayscale settings to output the presentation optimally on a monochrome printer.

For support requests for the product itself, please contact Efficient Elements

last changed on 05/06/2024

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