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MATLAB - Installing Standalone Licenses

MATLAB - Installing Standalone Licenses


Since february 2018, the autorisation does not take place with the Activation Keys. However, in some installation steps the term "Activation Key" occurs: do not be distracted by it and just follow the steps of this instruction.

Before you start the installation of MATLAB, please create a MATHWORKS account. You can look up how to create an account here.


Start the Installation

Select "Log in with a MathWorks Account" as an installation method.

You only need to adjust the "Connection Settings" if you are using a proxy server.

Click "Next >" to continue.

1. Accept the License Agreement

Yourr license and the terms and conditions of the license agreement are shown to you.

To continue the installation select "Yes" and click "Next >".

2. Installation

Here, you need to connect to your MathWorks account by entering your e-mail address, which ends with "" and which you have used to set up your MathWorks account, and the corresponding password.Afterwards, click "Next >".

Please choose die license, which is labeled as individual, und confirm your choice with "Next >".

If the verification of your licenses didn't work, this massage is going to pop up. 

Please choose "Click here" to verify your university log-in Information.

The installation folder does not usually have to be changed. "Next >".

Afterwards, you can select the scope of your MATLAB installation. Please confirm your selection by clicking "Next >".

If you want an Icon on your desktop and an entry on the Start menu, you will have to select both options. Click "Next >" to continue.

If you want to start the installation process now, please click on "Install >".

The installation process begins and the progress is shown to you.

3. Activating MATLAB

MATLAB has been successfully installed on your computer.

MathWorks informs you again that the software cannot be used without the activation.

Therefore please make sure the "Activate MATLAB“ option is ticked off and then click "Next >".

Another note before the activation. You can click "Next >" to continue.

Please specify the licensed End User and confirm with "Next >"

You are now shown the license of the software that has been installed. Press "Confirm >" to confirm it.

The activation has been successful. You may close the installation program by clicking "Finish".Congratulations! You can now use MATLAB on your computer!


Known Problems

Sometimes MATLAB takes a long time to start, crashes or the window freezes even during simple calculations. On some computers that once used MATLAB in combination with a license server including borrowing, this problem could be solved by deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FLEXlm License Manager\Borrow directory in the Windows registry.

In the end, you may start the software installation.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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