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SoSci Survey

SoSci Survey


SoSci Survey is a software that allows you to design and carry out online surveys individually and efficiently. For example, it is possible to integrate pictures, audio and video files and adjust the layouts for your purposes. A detailed description of functions is available on the SoSci Survey websites.

Non-commercial licenses

SoSci Survey provides free non-commercial licenses for scientific survey projects for students and employees. This means that such licenses are not to be used in the projects that are realised in cooperation with commercial enterprises. This is also valid for bachelor/ master theses and dissertations that are supported by commercial enterprises.

To get a free license, please register on the SoSci Survey page.

More information about registration and license conditions is available here:

Commercial licenses

RWTH Aachen University institutions can purchase commercial licenses for their employees via the software shop. There are no limitations in the usage of this licenses in cooperation projects with enterprises.

As it is a business license, it should be purchases by the IT purchaser of the institute. 

Students or externals cannot use the commercial licenses directly. Should it be necessary, an authorised user should create a project and invite other participants to it.

You should link a commercial licenses to your SoSci Survey account to be able to use it.

Privacy and staff council participation

If you have to collect personal data during your survey, a commercial survey has to be carried out. In this case, the collected data are to be discussed with the date protection officer and provided to the staff councils for their expertise.


last changed on 04/11/2024

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