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What are License Servers?

What are License Servers?


The IT Center currently operates three central license servers, which provide network licenses of suitable software products (scientific application software, programming tools) to the institutes and members of RWTH Aachen University. Network licenses offer the institutes greater flexibility in their use. A distinction is made between licenses that are bundled by the IT Center and made available to the institutes/staff/students via the RWTH Aachen University's software shop for a share of the costs, and licenses that the institutes have procured themselves. These can also be stored on the license server of the IT Center, as long as there are no conflicts with already installed licenses or the security of the systems. Simply contact our IT-ServiceDesk.

The license servers are designed to be as redundant as possible and distributed to the IT Center's office buildings at Seffenter Weg 23 and Wendlingweg 10.

Please note:

If licenses are to be used within events and courses, please pass this information on to us. As far as possible, maintenance will then be carried out outside the corresponding times.


last changed on 07/14/2022

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