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Oracle Campus Use, Updates and Support

Oracle Campus Use, Updates and Support



The software is offered to the institutes on request and is not available in the software store. The contribution to the costs for the Oracle Campus NRW contract is made annually per institute. After purchase, you will receive the CSI number that you need for further use. Please note that the contract was concluded by 20.05.2018. If you continue to use the software products beyond the end of the contract, this can lead to considerably higher license costs, which experience has shown to be 10 times higher than the cost sharing in the current federal contract.


Upgrades and Support

You can receive upgrades and support during the validity of the contract via the Oracle support page. The IT Center unlocks the access to this page.

To do this, please send an e-mail with the order confirmation to the IT-ServiceDesk.

The IT Center does not offer support for these products.

Pleas also take note of the IT Center's offer of managed Oracle databases.

last changed on 04/29/2024

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