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JMP is a statistical data analysis software developed by the JMP division of SAS Institute. It enables users to visually analyse data, solve critical problems and share their findings.


Its analytical capabilities include:

  • The merging and cleansing of data
  • Statistical design of experiments
  • Exploratory data analysis and visualisation
  • Predictive modelling and machine learning
  • Quality management and process planning
  • Reliability analysis
  • Consumer and market research
  • Automation and scripting
  • Courses

The software consists of four products: JMP, JMP Pro, JMP Clinical and JMP Live. Under the following links you will find short demonstration videos for these products:

Data Analysis Software | JMP

Predictive Analytics Software | JMP Pro

Clinical Data Analysis Software | JMP Clinical

JMP Live for Users | JMP Live


User Support

User Community | JMP

Technical Support | JMP

Additional Information


Further useful links:

What can the software do? | JMP

JMP for educational institutions | JMP

Distributed Computing Server

With these additional licences, a MATLAB calculation can be distributed to several computing nodes. Some of these licences are available on the RWTH computing cluster. In addition, a separate cluster must be equipped with these licences as part of the campus licence. These licences are then limited to 32 workers.

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